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This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government. We go beyond the politics to push for policies that shrink tax bills. We break exclusive news stories about government waste that aren’t covered by the media. And we enforce accountability and transparency for politicians in every political party. Join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation at

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #54 INTERVIEW –Darryl Plecas, on Transparency and Accountability

    We've got an important interview for you. Darryl Plecas is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for Abbotsford South from 2013 to 2020, and served as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia from 2017 to 2020. He blew the whistle on bizarre and questionable spending ...


  2. #53 Cut Off Governors General, Wealth Tax Will Backfire, and Montreal Buys Snow?

    News at the Top – Cut Off Governors General The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has talked a lot about the expenses and pensions for retired governor generals. We even have a petition running calling on the federal government to scrap those benefits. Well, Ipsos Public Affairs did a poll, and it turn ...


  3. #52 Bell Cuts Jobs While Taking Wage Subsidy, National Debt Ballooning, and Trudeau’s Trees Getting Expensive

    News at the Top – Bell Cuts Jobs While Taking Wage Subsidy The federal government has been giving wage subsidies to businesses as part of its pandemic response, but some of these companies are taking the cash, increasing dividends, then turning around and firing their employees. Ontario Director Jasmine Moulton and ...


  4. #51 Fighting for Pipelines in Court, Government Childcare a Pricey Proposal, and Ontario’s French University Flops

    News at the Top – Fighting for Pipelines in Court We head to the Alberta Court of Appeal to fight Trudeau’s Bill C-69, better known as the No More Pipelines Law. Our Alberta Director Franco Terrazano and our Federal Director Aaron Wudrick talk about how much money Canadians are losing due ...


  5. #50 Fighting Against Equalization, Explaining the Great Reset, and Governor Generals Billing Us Beyond the Grave

    News at the Top – Fighting Against Equalization We just launched the Fight Equalization campaign. Everyone across Canada, should mark their calendars for Oct. 18, 2021, as Albertans vote on the future of equalization. Our Alberta Director Franco Terrazano and our Quebec Director Renaud Brossard discuss our campaign, and what happens ...