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This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government. We go beyond the politics to push for policies that shrink tax bills. We break exclusive news stories about government waste that aren’t covered by the media. And we enforce accountability and transparency for politicians in every political party. Join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation at

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  1. #48 Payette Getting Paid for Life, Trudeau’s Second Carbon Tax, and Costa Rica Vacation Costs Revealed

    News at the Top – Payette Getting Paid for Life Former Governor General Julie Payette is still eligible for a $200,000-expense account and that needs to end. Our B.C. Director Kris Sims breaks down the whole mess with Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. Link: Deep Dive – Trudeau’s ...


  2. #47 INTERVIEW – Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation

    We've got an important interview for you. Brian Sauvé is the president of the National Police Federation and that's the union that represents the RCMP. We asked him to join us because we have questions about the federal policy to ban and buy back hundreds of guns and types of guns, ...


  3. #46 Trudeau Raising Taxes (Again), Canada Fails on Transparency, and Ontario Health Executives Get Big Payouts

    News at the Top – Trudeau Raising Taxes (Again) The taxpayer takeaway for 2021: you’re going to be paying more, not less. Federal Director Aaron Wudrick tells Alberta Director Franco Terrazano about the incoming tax hikes on alcohol, Netflix, paycheques, and of course, the carbon tax. SIGN THE PETITION: Deep Dive – ...


  4. #45 Recall Legislation, Magic Carbon Tax Math, and Montreal Pays for Snow

    News at the Top – Alberta Rolling Out Recall Legislation After a wave of bad press for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney over travelling MLAs and government staff, recall legislation is back on the table. Alberta Director Franco Terrazano tells Todd MacKay about the proposition. Link: SIGN THE PETITION: Deep Dive – ...


  5. #44 Year in Review with CTF President Scott Hennig

    As we head into 2021, Todd MacKay took some time to talk to CTF President Scott Hennig about 2020. It was an eventful year, to say the least. They break down some of the wins, and some of the losses, and lay out what the CTF will be tackling next. For those ...