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This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government. We go beyond the politics to push for policies that shrink tax bills. We break exclusive news stories about government waste that aren’t covered by the media. And we enforce accountability and transparency for politicians in every political party. Join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation at

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  1. #28 INTERVIEW Dan McTeague – Canadians for Affordable Energy president talks about Trudeau’s second carbon tax

    Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, talks about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s proposed second carbon tax (the so-called Clean Fuel Standard). Canadians for Affordable Energy calculates the second carbon tax will cost families $440/year, per employed person. That is on top of the current carbon tax, which is 6.7 ...


  2. #27 Trudeau Tosses His Fiscal Anchors, Ford Gets Taxpayer Money to CUT Jobs, and Tesla’s Crappy Car Nets Big Subsidies

    News at the Top – Trudeau Tosses His Fiscal Anchors Canada is looking at a $1 trillion deficit, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is shrugging off the debt like it’s no big deal. Credit ratings agencies tell a different, much more concerning story. Link: Sign the PETITION: Deep Dive ...


  3. #26 Throne Speech Spending Spree, Trudeau’s Secret Second Carbon Tax, and Vancouver City Hall Splurges on Fancy Chairs

    News at the Top – Throne Speech Spending Spree Ottawa’s spending is full throttle in the throne speech. Plans to pay for all of that spending are entirely absent. We look at the scary prospect of skyrocketing debt. Link: Sign the PETITION: Deep Dive – Trudeau’s Secret Second Carbon ...


  4. #25 Legal Fight for Health-Care Choice, B.C. Carbon Tax Not Working (Again), and Corporate Welfare Refinery Fail

    News at the Top – Legal Fight for Health-Care Choice British Columbia’s top court has ruled against private options for Canadian patients facing long wait times, but the fight isn’t over. Link: Deep Dive – B.C. Carbon Tax Not Working (Again) 8:33 Despite rosy projections about the province’s carbon tax, British ...


  5. #24 Conservatives Pay Back Wage Subsidy, Road to Recovery Needs Tax Cuts and Bureaucrats Throw Themselves a Red-Carpet Gala

    News at the Top – Conservatives Pay Back Wage Subsidy Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives are paying the federal wage subsidy as promised. Both the Liberals and the NDP need to follow suit. Link: Sign the PETITION: Deep Dive – Road to Recovery Needs Tax Cuts 5:50 The federal government is ...