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This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government. We go beyond the politics to push for policies that shrink tax bills. We break exclusive news stories about government waste that aren’t covered by the media. And we enforce accountability and transparency for politicians in every political party. Join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation at

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  1. #67 University Bailouts, Internet Censorship Legislation, Doug Ford Goes Hollywood North

    News at the Top – University Bailouts Ontario’s Laurentian University came out and said it was about to become insolvent. Now, the province is considering a bailout. And that’s not the only university with big bills. LINK: Deep Dive – Internet Censorship Legislation The federal government’s Bill C-10 would impose new regulations ...


  2. #66 Trudeau’s Tax Hikes, O’Toole Carbon Tax Price Tag, One Expensive Toilet

    News at the Top – Trudeau’s Tax Hikes If you drive a car, like to heat your home in the winter, and enjoy a cold beer on a nice sunny day, your taxes are going up, even though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told us a few months ago that Canadians didn’t ...


  3. #65 Stadium Deals are Bad Deals, Guaranteed Income Bill, CMHC Spent Over $900,000 on Name Change

    News at the Top – Stadium Deals are Bad Deals The City of Calgary has decided to hit pause on a massive arena deal before sending the Calgary Flames another truckload of taxpayers’ cash. It needs to cancel it because stadium deals are bad deals for taxpayers. LINKS: Deep ...


  4. #64 O’Toole Breaks Carbon Tax Promise, Budget a Debt-Fueled Spending Binge, Bills Pile Up After Cancelled Barbados Trip

    News at the Top – O’Toole Breaks Carbon Tax Promise Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole has announced his own federal carbon tax. This is the same Erin O’Toole that when running for leader of the CPC, signed the Canadian Taxpayers Federation pledge to scrap the Trudeau carbon tax and not ...


  5. #63 Canadians Dislike Carbon Tax, Bracing for the Budget, Green Energy Boondoggles

    News at the Top – Canadians Dislike Carbon Tax We don’t like the carbon tax and as it turns out, a new survey found 52 per cent of Canadians agree with us. LINK: SIGN the PETITION: Deep Dive – Bracing for the Budget We talk about the upcoming federal budget ...