#130 Trudeau saving money wrong

Episode 130 April 15, 2023 00:45:56
#130 Trudeau saving money wrong
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#130 Trudeau saving money wrong

Apr 15 2023 | 00:45:56


Show Notes

The Trudeau government told taxpayers it would save money in budget 2023. Here’s a pro-tip for the government: if you increase spending by $85 billion, you’re saving money wrong.

READ MORE HERE: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/terrazzano-trudeau-doesnt-know-what-saving-money-means 


CTF fights carbon tax at parliamentary committee

Franco brought a simple message for members of Parliament: Stop hiking the taxes that make our food so expensive. 

SIGN THE PETITION: https://www.taxpayer.com/petitions/scrap-the-federal-carbon-tax 


Trudeau scared of taxpayer legal challenge

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally fessed up and admitted he stayed in the $6,000 per night hotel room during the Queen’s funeral in London, England. Trudeau knew he was going to lose in court. That’s why he fessed up. 

READ MORE HERE: https://nationalpost.com/news/taxpayers-federation-legal-action-hotel-suite

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