#137 A scam app and a scam tax

Episode 137 February 20, 2024 00:44:02
#137 A scam app and a scam tax
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#137 A scam app and a scam tax

Feb 20 2024 | 00:44:02


Show Notes

The ArriveSCAM app is worse than you think. The Auditor General writes a scathing report into the ArriveCAN app that socially distanced taxpayers from tens of millions of dollars.

And we break down Trudeau’s carbon tax rebrand. Trudeau thinks he can make you support his favourite tax by changing the name of his carbon tax rebates. But that’s just lipstick on a pig. The government needs to stop the gimmicks and scrap the carbon tax.

All that and more in this week’s Canadian Taxpayers Podcast.

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