#14 We Speak to the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates

Episode 14 July 20, 2020 00:03:38
#14 We Speak to the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#14 We Speak to the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates

Jul 20 2020 | 00:03:38


Show Notes

News at the Top – We Speak to the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates

This week, the Canadian Taxpayers Podcast is doing something a little different. We’re releasing separate episodes where we interview leadership candidates for the Conservative Party of Canada, and asked them about the carbon tax, the gun grab, and more.

We’re posting the interviews as sub-episodes to this week’s episode, so you can find them wherever you get your podcasts, on our main page or at the following links:

Leslyn Lewis: https://canadian-taxpayers-podcast.castos.com/episodes/141-interview-leslyn-lewis

Derek Sloan: https://canadian-taxpayers-podcast.castos.com/episodes/142-interview-derek-sloan

Erin O'Toole: https://canadian-taxpayers-podcast.castos.com/episodes/143-interview-erin-o39toole

Peter MacKay: https://canadian-taxpayers-podcast.castos.com/episodes/144-interview-peter-mackay

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