#62 Nova Scotia’s Balanced Budget Plan, April Tax Hikes, Health Canada Pays for Tweets

Episode 66 April 07, 2021 00:22:02
#62 Nova Scotia’s Balanced Budget Plan, April Tax Hikes, Health Canada Pays for Tweets
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#62 Nova Scotia’s Balanced Budget Plan, April Tax Hikes, Health Canada Pays for Tweets

Apr 07 2021 | 00:22:02


Show Notes

News at the Top – Nova Scotia’s Balanced Budget Plan

Nova Scotia taxpayers have something to celebrate: their government expects to actually get rid of its deficit within – get this – the next four years.

Our Quebec Director Renaud Brossard breaks down the good news for Alberta Director Franco Terrazzano.

LINKS: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/taxpayers-federation-praises-nova-scotia-for-plan-to-balance-budget,-no-tax-increases


Deep Dive – April Tax Hikes

April Fools' Day is often a fun day, but April 1 also tends to be a particularly bad news day for taxpayers.

Our B.C. Director Kris Sims and our Federal Director Aaron Wudrick have a rundown of the tax hits coming in 2021.

Links: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/the-joke-is-on-taxpayers-this-april-fools%E2%80%99-day

Waste Watch – Health Canada Pays for Tweets

Health Canada is using our hard-earned tax dollars to hire social media influencers, despite the fact that previous attempts to leverage social media influencers were total flops.

Our Prairie Director Todd MacKay and Interim Ontario Director Jay Goldberg have the full story.

Link: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/tender-notice/PW-CX-027-79877



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