#84 Provincial Governments Buying Red Ink by the Barrel

Episode 88 August 06, 2021 00:24:44
#84 Provincial Governments Buying Red Ink by the Barrel
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#84 Provincial Governments Buying Red Ink by the Barrel

Aug 06 2021 | 00:24:44


Show Notes

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is back, again, with worse news: Seven out of the ten provincial governments have unsustainable finances. The kicker? Those books are in the red, even without the temporary COVID-19 spending.

Check the data here: https://www.pbo-dpb.gc.ca/en/blog/news-releases--communiques-de-presse/COM-2122-017--federal-finances-sustainable-over-the-long-term-but-most-provinc--finances-publiques-viables-a-long-terme-au-niveau-federal-mais-p

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