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#8 Senators Take a Pay Raise, Judges Demanding Pay Raises, Taxpayers Billed for Hollywood Party and New Zealand’s Gun Buyback

News at the Top – Senators Give Themselves a Pay Raise

The Senate just can’t help themselves. Even with their long history of ripping off taxpayers, senators have quietly given a $10,000 raise to the head of a committee that’s only met twice.

This is outrageous, and we’re pushing back.

Call the senators:

  • Senator Yuen Pau Woo – 613-995-9244
  • Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen – 613-992-0121

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims


Deep Dive –Judges Demanding Pay Raises 4:20

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been intervening at the Supreme Court of Canada to make the point that governments should be able to tighten their belts and judges are not exempt from belt-tightening.

Todd MacKay and Aaron Wudrick


Waste Watch – Taxpayers Billed for Hollywood Party 15:35

Former Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly went to a fancy Hollywood party back in 2017, and we all paid for it.

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims


Interview – New Zealand’s Gun Buyback 20:00

New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams talks to us about New Zealand’s ongoing gun buyback program and how it compares to the current plans in Canada.


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