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This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government. We go beyond the politics to push for policies that shrink tax bills. We break exclusive news stories about government waste that aren’t covered by the media. And we enforce accountability and transparency for politicians in every political party. Join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation at
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #42 Debt Clock Officially Broken, Our Naughty and Nice List, and Quebec Subsidized Porn

    News at the Top – Debt Clock Officially Broken  The CTF needs a new Debt Clock after federal debt officially surpassed a trillion. Our Aaron Wudrick talks to Todd MacKay about showcasing that debt on Parliament Hill. Link: HELP US GET A NEW DEBT CLOCK: Deep Dive – Our Naughty and Nice ...


  2. #41 INTERVIEW – Alberta MLA Drew Barnes

    Alberta MLA Drew Barnes is calling on “all Alberta politicians, including Alberta’s 34 members of Parliament, to take an immediate 20 per cent pay reduction.” Our Alberta Director Franco Terrazano interviewed Barnes. You can sign the PETITION calling on politicians to take pay cuts here: Read the Op-Eds: ...


  3. #40 Deficit Skyrocketing Yet Again, Feds Lied About Carbon Tax Hike, and Infrastructure Bank CEO Exit Costs a Bundle

    News at the Top – Deficit Skyrocketing Once Again Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending about $1.8 billion every single day. Ontario Director Jasmine Moulton and Quebec Director Renaud Brossard talk about what that does to our national debt. Link: Deep Dive – Feds Lied About Carbon Tax Rise Prime Minister Justin ...


  4. #39 How High Can Carbon Taxes Go, Trudeau Broke Our Debt Clock, and Corporate Welfare A World Away

    News at the Top – How High Can Carbon Taxes Go? Just how high can carbon taxes go? Our Alberta Director Franco Terrazano and our B.C. Director Kris Sims go through the impending damage to your bank account.   Link: SIGN the PETITION: Deep Dive – Trudeau Broke Our Debt Clock The ...


  5. #38 MPs Stop Taking Our Lunch Money, Messy Military Purchases Cost Billions, and Millions Thrown Away on Failed Security Seat Campaign

      News at the Top – MPs Stop Taking Our Lunch Money   In a truly rare event, MPs in Ottawa recently decided to stop making taxpayers foot the ...