#120 Quebec’s Special Deal on Carbon Tax

Episode 120 December 09, 2022 00:36:07
#120 Quebec’s Special Deal on Carbon Tax
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#120 Quebec’s Special Deal on Carbon Tax

Dec 09 2022 | 00:36:07


Show Notes

There’s a fundamental unfairness about the federal carbon tax: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is requiring taxpayers in other provinces to pay a higher carbon tax than in Quebec. Trudeau’s special deal for Quebec shows the carbon tax was always about politics, not the environment.

READ MORE HERE: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/gunter-quebec-gets-deal-on-carbon-tax-while-rest-of-canada-pays?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1670103043


Trudeau Balloons His Buyback Boondoggle

Trudeau is going after more law-abiding Canadians. He is trying to ban thousands of additional long guns. The original gun ban and buyback was already ineffective and expensive. This could cost taxpayers another $1 billion. And it won’t improve safety.

READ MORE HERE: https://nationalpost.com/news/expanded-liberal-gun-ban-could-cost-taxpayers-another-billion-dollars-says-criminologist



Wait, a Politician Wants Less Pay?

British Columbia MLA Todd Stone put forward a private member’s bill to freeze politician pay. It would’ve killed the $10,000-pay raises for politicians. Too bad the rest of his colleagues couldn’t keep their snouts out of the trough. The B.C. government refused to debate Stone’s bill.

READ MORE HERE: https://www.westernstandard.news/news/taxpayer-watchdog-urges-bc-mlas-to-vote-on-pay-raise-freeze/article_ae739166-6c12-11ed-87b5-67511c2a6670.html

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