#121 Trudeau subsidizes 391 dead people

December 20, 2022 00:40:36
#121 Trudeau subsidizes 391 dead people
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#121 Trudeau subsidizes 391 dead people

Dec 20 2022 | 00:40:36


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Trudeau subsidizes 391 dead people


The Trudeau government spent at least $32 billion on suspicious or ineligible COVID-19 payments. The government handed out COVID-19 subsidies to hundreds of dead people, hundreds of people in jail and hundreds of Canadians under the age of 15.


READ MORE HERE: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/-4.6-billion-tip-of-the-iceberg-on-covid-19-overpayments-auditor-general 

Trudeau hiking FIVE taxes in 2023


The CPP tax, EI tax, carbon tax and alcohol taxes are all going up. The feds are also imposing a second carbon tax through fuel regulations in 2023. Here’s a New Year’s resolution for the Trudeau government: stop wasting money, start cutting taxes.


READ MORE HERE: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/five-federal-tax-hikes-in-2023-new-year’s-tax-changes-report 

Government contractor milks taxpayers


The Ontario government’s transit contractor is going $8 billion over budget on a subway project. That’s enough money to build eight hospitals. Unfortunately, huge cost overruns have become the rule rather than the exception with government contractors across Canada.


READ MORE HERE: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/ford-needs-to-end-the-metrolinx-fiasco 

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