#122 1.2 billion reasons to defund the CBC

January 02, 2023 00:36:13
#122 1.2 billion reasons to defund the CBC
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#122 1.2 billion reasons to defund the CBC

Jan 02 2023 | 00:36:13


Show Notes

Taxpayers pay about $1.2 billion per year for the CBC. That amount could instead pay the
salaries of more than 13,000 nurses. It could cover the grocery bills for 100,000 families. It’s
time to defund the CBC.

READ MORE HERE: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/sims-the-cbc-is-a-

Come on prime minister, you’ve had enough alcohol taxes

Taxes already account for about half of the price of beer, 65 per cent of the price of wine and
more than three quarters of the price of spirits. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rubbing
margarita salt in the wound by using high inflation to binge on higher alcohol taxes in 2023.

SIGN THE PETITITION: https://www.taxpayer.com/petitions/reduce-liquor-taxes

Which politicians were naughty or nice in 2022?

From spending $6,000 per night on a hotel room to racking up nearly six figures on fancy
airplane food and handing out bonuses to failing central bankers, plenty of politicians and
bureaucrats were on the Taxpayer Naughty list in 2022.

READ MORE HERE: https://www.taxpayer.com/media/taxpayer-naughty-nice-list-2022.pdf

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