#28 INTERVIEW Dan McTeague – Canadians for Affordable Energy president talks about Trudeau’s second carbon tax

Episode 32 October 08, 2020 00:24:54
#28 INTERVIEW Dan McTeague – Canadians for Affordable Energy president talks about Trudeau’s second carbon tax
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#28 INTERVIEW Dan McTeague – Canadians for Affordable Energy president talks about Trudeau’s second carbon tax

Oct 08 2020 | 00:24:54


Show Notes

Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, talks about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s proposed second carbon tax (the so-called Clean Fuel Standard).

Canadians for Affordable Energy calculates the second carbon tax will cost families $440/year, per employed person. That is on top of the current carbon tax, which is 6.7 cents per litre of gas and it’s set to increase to 12 cents by 2022.

Please sign the Canadian Taxpayers Federation PETITION to stop the second carbon tax: https://www.taxpayer.com/petitions/stop-trudeau-s-second-carbon-tax

Canadians for Affordable Energy study: http://www.affordableenergy.ca/an_in_depth_study_of_trudeau_s_second_carbon_tax

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