#32 INTERVIEW – Neal Winokur – the Grumpy Accountant

Episode 36 October 29, 2020 00:37:44
#32 INTERVIEW – Neal Winokur – the Grumpy Accountant
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#32 INTERVIEW – Neal Winokur – the Grumpy Accountant

Oct 29 2020 | 00:37:44


Show Notes

We interview Neal Winokur who wrote the book entitled The Grumpy Accountant - One Fed-Up Tax Pro's Practical Plan to Fix Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System.

Yes, the book is packed with tax information, but it’s also uproariously funny.

The book is available here: https://www.amazon.ca/Grumpy-Accountant-Practical-Senselessly-Complicated/dp/1777226406

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