#96 Inflation Tax is Driving Up the Price of Everything

Episode 100 November 11, 2021 00:33:48
#96 Inflation Tax is Driving Up the Price of Everything
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#96 Inflation Tax is Driving Up the Price of Everything

Nov 11 2021 | 00:33:48


Show Notes

Want to know why everything is more expensive these days? Our Federal Director Franco Terrazzano recently published a column in the Toronto Sun on that very topic, and sat down with Todd to talk about the rising price of inflation taxes on Canadian wallets.

READ THE COLUMN: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/terrazzano-deficit-spending-and-inflation-tax-drive-up-cost-of-living

Home Equity Tax Calculator

Kris Sims is unveiling a home equity tax calculator so Canadian homeowners can check just how much a possible home equity tax might cost them.

CHECK OUT THE CALCULATOR HERE: https://secure.taxpayer.com/home-equity-tax-calculator-v2/

Angry Librarians

And Ontario Director Jay Goldberg has some words of wisdom for newly-appointed Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez on what to do with Bill C-10, which had raised wide concerns about internet censorship before the recent federal election.

READ THAT ADVICE HERE: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jay-goldberg-new-minister-needs-to-rethink-the-governments-draconian-internet-regulations


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