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#11 CERB’s Unintended Consequences, Bombardier Back at the Trough, and Health Bureaucrats Book Conference After Lockdown

News at the Top – CERB’s Unintended Consequences  

Some governments are paying people to stay home while other governments pay them to go back to work and taxpayers are paying for all of it because Ottawa rubber stamped the extension of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.


Deep Dive – Bombardier Back at the Public Trough 5:38

Bombardier and Mozambique have something in common and taxpayers should know about it before governments dump more money into the aerospace multinational.


Waste Watch – Health Bureaucrats Book Conference After Lockdown 15:27  

The Public Health Agency of Canada spent more than $300,000 to book convention space in Ottawa at the same time they were issuing pandemic restrictions. The deposit, of course, was non-refundable.


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