#2 Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres

Episode 2 April 27, 2020 00:29:03
#2 Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#2 Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres

Apr 27 2020 | 00:29:03


Show Notes

EPISODE TWO: Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation catches Ottawa charging an 18 per cent tariff on crucial shipments of medical gear to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. We compare carbon tax promises to actual outcomes in British Columbia. And we blast the “anti-fun” police in Toronto for wasting taxpayers’ time interfering with a seniors’ card game.

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News at the Top – Feds charging border fees for PPE, importers facing hurdles

The federal government has put a barrier in the way of crucial medical gear imports from overseas in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, and the mayor of Langford talked to us about the problems that has caused his community.

Links: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/masks-to-fight-covid-19-hit-with-18-per-cent-tariff?id=18343

Guide from Health Canada for importers: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/compliance-enforcement/covid19-interim-order-drugs-medical-devices-special-foods/note.html

List of approved companies/gear: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/compliance-enforcement/covid19-interim-order-drugs-medical-devices-special-foods/medical-device-exceptional-import/list.html

Guide from CBSA: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/cn-ad/cn20-12-eng.html

Deep Dive – West Coast Carbon Tax Flip Flops 7:15

The carbon tax has been a centrepiece of the Trudeau government since they came to power back in 2015. However, British Columbia’s provincial government had brought in a carbon tax years earlier, promising it would be “revenue-neutral”. That didn’t last very long, and doesn’t appear to have worked Our B.C. director Kris Sims tells us all about it.

Links: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/sims-the-carbon-tax-is-leaving-b-c-cold/wcm/75e8395b-e9b3-4cda-ab98-6be331c3ae7a/


Waste Watch – Euchregate, Or How to Lose Money and Alienate Seniors 21:40
Bureaucrats at Toronto City Hall decided to go after hardened criminals this year: seniors at Scarborough community centres who were betting $1.25 on euchre games. We dug up piles of documents from the card game investigations, and can tell you all about the fun police in Canada’s biggest city.

Source: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/city-of-toronto-refuses-to-drop-%E2%80%9Cfun-police%E2%80%9D-investigation-into-elderly-euchre-players?id=18266

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