#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs

Episode 3 May 04, 2020 00:26:46
#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs

May 04 2020 | 00:26:46


Show Notes

#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s compares the reno bill at the prime minister’s cottage to swanky celebrity hangouts. We take a look at plans to lift the lockdown. And we blast the federal foreign service for wasting taxpayers’ money to fly chefs around the world.

News at the Top – Harrington Lake renovations cost more than Muskoka mansions

The National Capital Commission is spending millions to renovate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government-owned cottage known as Harrington Lake. How does that reno bill compare to luxury getaways owned by the rich and famous?

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims

Links: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/harrington-lake-renovations-ncc-1.5535502



Deep Dive – COVID-19 Lockdowns Starting To Loosen Across Canada 5:15

While efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are still ongoing, some premiers are starting to release their plans to re-open the economy, with movement coming as soon as early May.

Todd MacKay and Jasmine Pickel

Links: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/reopening-canada-provinces-ontario-quebec-saskatchewan-alberta

Waste Watch – Foreign Service Spending Millions on Diplomacy Slush Fund 21:40

Global Affairs has been wasting taxpayers’ money to pay for Canadian chefs to fly around the . It was so bad it won the federal Teddy award this year.

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims

Links: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/canadian-taxpayers-federation-presents-22nd-annual-teddy-awards-for-government-waste

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