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#7 Political Parties at the Trough, Toronto’s Multibillion Dollar Sky Park, and Taxpayers Pay for Jazz Concerts in South America

News at the Top – Political Parties Line Up at the Trough

Multiple political parties are taking financial aid that’s meant for struggling Canadians. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is telling them to give the money back and you can help.

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims


Deep Dive – Toronto’s Multibillion Dollar Sky Park 5:08

While Toronto Mayor John Tory heads to the provincial and federal governments with his hands out for aid, the city is still moving ahead on a massively expensive park project, built in thin air. And he wants to send the bill to taxpayers across Canada.

Todd MacKay and Jasmine Pickel


Waste Watch - Subsidized South American Jazz for Canada 150 21:54

Global Affairs spent nearly $20,000 to send a Canadian jazz band on a South American tour, as part of celebrations meant to mark Canada 150. The average Canadian wouldn’t get to hear the tunes, but that didn’t stop the foreign service from forking over the cash.

Todd MacKay and Kris Sims


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