#44 Year in Review with CTF President Scott Hennig

Episode 48 January 05, 2021 00:54:29
#44 Year in Review with CTF President Scott Hennig
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#44 Year in Review with CTF President Scott Hennig

Jan 05 2021 | 00:54:29


Show Notes

As we head into 2021, Todd MacKay took some time to talk to CTF President Scott Hennig about 2020.

It was an eventful year, to say the least. They break down some of the wins, and some of the losses, and lay out what the CTF will be tackling next.

For those wanting to know more, we have links to the topics discussed below:

#1 Politician Pay Cuts, Power Grabs, and Gold in a Creek

#9 Meghan and Harry’s Security Bills Released, Charmaine Stick’s Case Back in Court, and Quebec Government Pays Severance for Lobbyists

#4 VICTORY – 18% Mask Tariffs Dropped, Two Thirds of Canadians Want MPs to Cut Their Pay, Trudeau’s Gun Ban and Buyback, Corrupt Mayor Makes Off Like Bandit, and Former MP Michelle Simson Interview about MP Pay and Transparency

#19 INTERVIEW Cassandra Parker on Gun Buyback

#26 Throne Speech Spending Spree, Trudeau’s Secret Second Carbon Tax, and Vancouver City Hall Splurges on Fancy Chairs

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