#43 Best of Waste Watch

Episode 47 December 31, 2020 00:31:21
#43 Best of Waste Watch
Canadian Taxpayers Podcast
#43 Best of Waste Watch

Dec 31 2020 | 00:31:21


Show Notes

We gave our team a little bit of time off this week, so we put together a best of Waste Watch for you to listen to.

Now take it easy, be careful with your heart rate on this stuff. It can put up the blood pressure.

Try to think of it as kind of funny, but also motivation to get back into the fight in the new year.

For those wanting to know more, we have links to the full episodes we pulled from below:

#23 Canada’s Credit Rating Falls, Bureaucrat Salaries Need to Shrink and Taxpayers Pay for Rock Star Photos and Sex Toy Exhibit

#33 The Mystery of Money-Losing Timmies, Access to Information Shutdown, and Rideau Hall Renovation Costs Skyrocket

#27 Trudeau Tosses His Fiscal Anchors, Ford Gets Taxpayer Money to CUT Jobs, and Tesla’s Crappy Car Nets Big Subsidies

#31 Canada’s Deficit the Biggest in the World, Alberta and Quebec Agree C-69 is Bad, and Quebec Keeps Crashing Ships into Docks

#38 MPs Stop Taking Our Lunch Money, Messy Military Purchases Cost Billions, and Millions Thrown Away on Failed Security Seat Campaign

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